Bouvet BizTalk innovation event 2012


For the first time in Scandinavia and in Stavanger


Speakers and presentations

Prices and registration

People interested in BizTalk on several different levels, developers, administrators and architects. There is something for everyone!

Be prepared for the largest BizTalk event ever organized in Scandinavia! Join four MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals) and two of the strongest and most active community members for a spectacular BizTalk community event. This event follows a strong series of events that has already been held in The Netherlands, Italy and now Norway.

During this event there will be a series of cutting edge presentations:
- BizTalk adapter pack: Best practice and a presentation of the versatile integration capabilities of the adapter pack!

- Azure and connected systems (formerly known as AppFabric connected systems) – EAI Integration done correctly, to the cloud and beyond!

- Jump into the usage of thresholds and throttling to squeeze the BizTalk environment to the MAX.

- Large BizTalk environments, hundreds of servers and multiple adapters: how was it done and how did it scale?

- Also introducing the new standard in BizTalk monitoring: BizTalk 360.